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breastfeeding mothers (c)

Kim and Phil Vaillancourt know firsthand how quick life can alter. Just 48 hrs after the Tonawanda, N.Y. couple in addition to their two children joyously celebrated the ceremony that finalized the adoption of three sisters they fostered for three years, Kim was identified as having a rare and aggressive sort of brain cancer.
The Vaillancourt's nightmare began Christmas day, when Kim, who had been 20 weeks pregnant that has a boy, experienced nausea as well as a headache that could not disappear completely.
'I would've just thought I had a headache as well as the flu and I could have laid during sex,' the 36-year-old mother told Associated Press (AP).  But Kim, worried that will certainly keep food down was keeping the little one from having the nourishment he needed, chose to go to your hospital to get checked out. That decision saved her life.
MRI scans revealed the young mother had two tumors in her own brain: one about the frontal lobe and another dangerously near her brain stem.  Kim underwent eight hours of surgery to get rid of the tumors then got what is the news that she had Grade 4 glioblastoma, a fast-growing, deadly brain cancer.
With treatment, lifespan expectancy of an person with Kim's diagnosis is roughly 14 months. Without treatment, life-span drops in order to six to eight months. With a payment date of April 25, Kim decide to postpone chemotherapy and radiation until following the baby ' named Wyatt Eli ' was given birth to.
'She can do what she will to save the child's life and provides it the healthiest life possible,' Phil Vaillancourt told AP.
For now, the blueprint is to have Kim undergo MRIs every fourteen days.  Recent scans show she cancer-free, but glioblastoma tumors can reappear in eight to 12 weeks.
'As long as being the scans keep coming back 'clean,' we have been blessed with at a later date that selecting Wyatt can grow,' Kim told US Weekly. 'Wyatt afflicted me with a chance, and I am likely to give him the opportunity.'
As they approach Wyatt's birth, the Vaillancourts in addition to their children ' Ryan 12, Hailey 11, and newest family Kamila 10, Josie, 7 and Charlie 6 ' increasingly becoming support from other family, friends and faith.
'They're amazingly strong, their faith hasn't ever been stronger,' family friend Jenna Koch told ABC News. 'They're blessed every morning and have a beautiful family.'
And it really is her faith that keeps Kim going. 'We live by our faith. We trust in God completely,' Kim told US Weekly. 'I am protected in any event. I will return home with Jesus or I will be here with my hubby and kids.'

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